Frenchtown Great Streets Plan

St. Charles, Missouri

Development Strategies worked with Design Workshop, the City of St. Charles, and East-West Gateway Council of Government (EWG) to summarize a market, land use, and economic development strategy for the Frenchtown Great Streets Study Area in the city of St. Charles, Missouri. This project seeks to pair the goals of the greater St. Charles community with market-based opportunities and establish a framework for achieving those goals.

Our Approach

Development Strategies identified the near-term market support for new retail, office, housing, and hospitality within the Study Area; however, these opportunities are finite. The community will need to be strategic to leverage opportunities for maximum impact, while also making holistic investments that improve market conditions over time. There is a need to build upon and capture regional market momentum, which will require a long-term, incremental approach. This project identifies the near-term, medium-term, and long-term strategies that can position Frenchtown to seize current and future opportunities in alignment with the plan’s driving vision to improve connectivity, safety, economic vitality, and prioritize future investment.

The project also entailed a Business and Management Plan and Fiscal Impact Memo. The former assessed opportunities for providing economic and community development resources in and around the Frenctown Great Streets Study Area. The latter provided the potential fiscal impacts associated with four key catalyst development identified in the study area.