Image from City of Clarksville

South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan

Clarksville, Indiana

Located directly across the Ohio River from Downtown Louisville, the Town of Clarksville once had a thriving industrial waterfront, which provided jobs for many of its residents. But with the losses of Colgate, which left a distinctive building in need of investment behind, and Marathon Oil, which left a 24-acre site in need of remediation, a plan was needed to reimagine the future of the town’s waterfront sites.

Our Approach

Partnering with MKSK, a design firm, Development Strategies identified a significant opportunity for housing and destination retail/leisure uses that could be oriented around a new, open air town center, linked to a revitalized waterfront. An economic strategy was also crafted that involved the creation of place and amenities to attract employment in town, and a rebranding framework was created that centered on the establishment of an improved waterfront and quality new development, all visible from Downtown Louisville. Finally, a development plan and funding strategy were provided to identify revenue streams that could be used for cleanup, infrastructure, and subsidy of targeted development.

Since the plan was approved in 2016, the Town has worked diligently with Marathon Oil, acquire land, provide remediation, and lay new infrastructure to support $150 million of development. The recently-completed first phase includes $6 million in infrastructure and the $22 million, Bolt + Tie live-work community.