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West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Plan

Ferguson, Missouri

West Florissant is the primary commercial corridor that runs through the cities of Ferguson and Dellwood, two cities in the St. Louis region where a host of issues—declining wages, racial inequality, failing regional housing policies, home foreclosures, and shifting market preferences—have resulted in physical and socio-economic conditions that are in danger of having severe, negative consequences for their residents.

Our Approach

Recognizing an opportunity to intervene a year prior to the tragic events that put Ferguson in the national spotlight in 2014, East-West Gateway hired a team of consultants that included Development Strategies to develop strategies to improve the appearance, functionality, and economic performance of the West Florissant Corridor.

Following the protests in Ferguson in 2014, Development Strategies has worked with a number of groups to engage a broader, community-based, strategic planning process that will complement the corridor study.

The West Flo District in the southern section of this corridor has started to see investment from community organizations and service providers like the Boys & Girls Club, the Urban League, and Mercy Healthcare. While there are still significant needs to improve services, support residents, and improve housing conditions in the area, these investments are important steps in the right direction.