Troost Avenue Corridor Plan

Kansas City, Missouri

The Troost Corridor has long been a figurative and actual dividing line in Kansas City, between a walkable, service and job-rich environment on the west side (that today appeals to knowledge workers) and a predominantly African American community to the east for which barriers have long been denied access to many core tenets of the American dream. Recognizing this, the Mid-America Regional Council hired an interdisciplinary team that included Development Strategies to identify market-based and community-supported opportunities for redevelopment at two very different but pivotal intersections along the corridor: at Armour Boulevard (36th Street) and at 63rd Street.

Our Approach

Development Strategies was deeply involved creating a realistic market program and economic framework for new development to occur. After several years of deal structuring and community outreach, the planning commission has approved a 340 unit, mixed use project to be developed by Mac Properties. The project will address all four corners with and set a new precedent for high-quality, transit supported development as Kansas City furthers its efforts to repair the historical divide in at the Troost Corridor.