Wooster Corridor Development Plan

Bowling Green, Ohio

Development Strategies worked with the City of Bowling Green, Ohio and Bowling Green State University to create a land development strategy for East Wooster Street, the main road that connects the interstate to the rest of the community. Despite minor changes to the zoning code and some property assembly by BGSU, the corridor as a whole continues to struggle and is peppered with haphazard development and poor quality buildings. Development Strategies was charged with creating a plan that will spur redevelopment and put the City and BGSU on a shared path to success.

Our Approach

Over a period of six months, Development Strategies thoroughly analyzed market conditions, conducted numerous stakeholder interviews, and worked closely with a steering committee composed of key staff members from the City of Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University. These efforts culminated in a presentation and white paper summarizing the challenges and opportunities involved in redevelopment of the Wooster Corridor. The project was integral in identifying a way forward, which will require the City and BGSU to work together to enact change. Ultimately, the vision of the project is to redevelop Wooster Street into a vibrant corridor featuring high-quality development with diverse retail, dining, entertainment, employment, and residential opportunities.