Housing Market Studies for Developers

As part of the application to receive Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), states require developers to procure a market study that answers specific questions about the supply of and demand for affordable housing in the location the housing is being proposed. Development Strategies focuses our efforts on providing studies in several Midwestern states, and is on approved lists for Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

Our Approach

We have studied the market for subsidized housing in all variety of location, from urban to rural, and for properties targeted to families, senior citizens, and those with special needs. We are especially proud of our market studies for housing proposed to meet the needs of disabled Veterans and the homeless, with properties just now starting to meet the need of these populations.

We are recognized experts in market analysis for public housing redevelopment projects, and recent work includes market studies and/or appraisals for major redevelopment projects in Kansas City, St. Louis, Gary, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Cleveland, Memphis, Louisville, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Jersey City, Little Rock, and Minneapolis.