Clark Street Development Plan

St. Charles, Missouri

Development Strategies worked closely with the City of St. Charles to explore development opportunities at three intersections along Clark Street, an older generation commercial corridor that holds promise as a provider of local services, dining, and retail to the surrounding, historic neighborhoods. Though located within roughly of a mile of one another, each area held vastly different potentials for development scale and investment.

Our Approach

Main Street is where Clark Street meets the city’s historic Main Street and Frenchtown District. The intersection has a potential to be a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with an accessible riverfront, attractive places to live, and walkable amenities including a new community park.

Fifth Street intersects Clark Street at a neighborhood commercial node midway along the corridor. The vision for this intersection is a walkable neighborhood retail center achieved through a mix of new development and low-cost interventions.

Kingshighway is where Clark Street meets the main arterial that connects I-70 and State Highway 370. The renovation of a former car dealer shop has potential to catalyze the formation of a small, but lively, neighborhood retail and commercial node along Clark Street.

Completed at the beginning of 2020, the City will use this to guide decision making as it pertains to development partners, economic incentives, and zoning overlay districts, with an emphasis on the high-value Main Street location first.