Connect :: Achieving the best outcomes involves understanding the interrelatedness of many different people, points of view, and efforts. Our practice is interdisciplinary, holistic, and collaborative to its core.
Impact :: We work with like-minded, passionate leaders, residents, investors, and workers to improve peoples’ lives and the cities in which they live. 
Clarity :: We work to understand our audience and communicate with clear language, graphics, maps, numbers, and illustrations.
Implement :: We have the practical expertise and experience to think through implementation on day one, and provide our clients clarity in the steps that lie ahead.
Invest :: Whether it is time, money, knowledge, or effort, we work with people to leave a legacy of improvement by making their investments count.
Engage :: We present analysis, strategy, and vision with clarity, while listening actively to clients, stakeholders, and residents in order to establish an honest and authentic dialogue

Big, Bold Statement of Our Value Proposition

Investing in people, places, and buildings enables cities to achieve their potential as economically thriving and livable places. Development Strategies works with clients to craft plans, strategies, and policies that matter.


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Our Story

Our firm is diverse in skills and collaborative in mindset to address the breadth of challenges and opportunity facing our communities.

Recent Projects

10th Street Area Plan
Greeley, Colorado
Affordable Housing Trust Fund Implementation
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Housing Drives Assessment & Strategy
Greater Lansing MSA, Michigan
Downtown Akron Plan Update
Akron, Ohio


Improving communities through development, policy and planning is more than a philosophy, it’s our mission.