Development Strategies is delighted to announce that Brian Licari has been promoted to Senior Associate!  

During his 11 years with Development Strategies, Brian has guided cities on equitable policy and economic frameworks that help grow jobs and individual access to opportunity.  Brian stays current on the latest trends, research, and case studies, in order to inform his team and clients on best practice solutions.  “He is always there when we need him,” said Brad Beggs, Principal, “and Brian is exactly the person we want leading our team.” 

Recent projects have taken him to Chicago, Columbus, Asheville, Louisville, and Charleston where Brian’s outstanding work has proven invaluable to the firm’s business development.  As Senior Associate, he will have enhanced responsibilities with project management, staff development, and strengthening client relationships. 

“Brian really embodies applied research in professional planning. We always strive to make facts the foundation of any plan or strategy, and he makes sure we’re applying the right lessons to the communities where they truly apply, which is so important.  In that way, he’s really the bridge between scholars and the work we do, which is all about creating real-world solutions that clients can depend on,” said Matt Wetli, Principal. 

“Brian brings an informed and creative perspective to every project,” said Justin Carney, Principal. “Our team continually learns from Brian’s project direction, and our clients and the communities we serve benefit from his experience and leadership.” 

Andy Pfister, Principal, said “Brian approaches community challenges with great care. He strives to deeply understand whatever issues our clients face and partner with them to create the best path forward.” 

Brian joins Development Strategies’ senior leadership, including Brad Beggs, MAI, Principal, Matt Wetli, AICP, Principal, Justin Carney, AICP Principal, and Andy Pfister, AICP, Principal.