In 2018, Development Strategies added a handful of new staff members including Justin Carney as Principal, Anne Stevenson as Senior Planner, Miriam Keller as Planner and Project Manager, Tiffany Bae as Marketing Coordinator, Jen Conception as Urban Designer and Rojan Thomas Joseph as Urban Planner.

Each employee brings a unique skill set, experience and collection of abilities that allows us to work collaboratively for greater impact and better serve our clients. We are pleased to introduce the following new team members.

Justin Carney has developed a deep understanding of the complex interplay of issues facing communities, and brings a multi-faceted approach to creating workable solutions. He holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from University of Iowa. Justin has an AICP certification from the American Planning Association.

Anne Stevenson serves as a project manager and brings strong skills in public engagement, zoning and implementation, and market strategy. Her experience includes many years as a municipal planner. She has a MA in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development from Saint Louis University and is AICP certified.

Miriam Keller serves as a project manager and brings a strong background in planning, urban design, and public policy. A graduate of Harvard, she holds a MA in Public Policy and MA in Urban Planning.

Tiffany Bae brings with her a background in journalism, marketing, and graphic design. Tiffany has Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri- Columbia.

Jen Conception provides skills in urban design, building massing, graphic storytelling, and real estate market analysis. A graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he has a MS in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Rojan Thomas Joseph brings skills in urban design, spatial analysis, urban policy, and real estate market analysis. He has a MA of Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a licensed architect in India.